Awareness campaigns aren't enough anymore. It's time to give people with the will to create programs that enforce healthy habits that save lives, the way.

Founded as partnership between Self chec, StartupInstitute, and gyro, Coders vs. Cancer is dedicated to cancer prevention through hacking, developing and marketing beneficial programs.

Our inaugural hackathon against breast cancer, like all future ones, gave coders, designers, U/X, strategists, creatives and anyone else with a useful skill the time, tools and support they needed to make these programs. 

The Judges - TBA


Josh Ness

Founder, StrategyHack

Important Person

Another amazing title

Yet Another Person

With Another Amazing Title



We've assembled a great team across tech and creative industries for you
to bounce around ideas, as well as get advice and support.

The core team from gyro is below but many more will be announced soon.

Anthony Chelette
Creative Direction/Design

Jaime Schwarz
Creative Direction/Messaging



Callie Leone

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Emotional Support Dog